Sunday, March 24, 2013

Every journey has a first step..

Hello big wide world, and welcome to my blog!

This is the first time I have started a blog -Hooray!- I have always wanted a place where I could put down my opinions, thoughts (however random) and reviews of films & books etc. and it seems I have found it.

My little cove to express to the world my personal unique view on things.

So a little about me.. I love films and watch them with a passion and would really like to direct bigger films one day, I am obsessed with Japanese culture and am slowly teaching myself Japanese, I am Brazilian but have lived in the UK all my life, I am a Hare Krishna and love my religion (although I am not as committed as I should be).
I love animals and currently have a snake called Kali, a cat called Lali and two ferrets called Geoff & Winston as my lovely family of pets. I am pretty fascinated by tattoos and piercings - although I don't want to be covered in them like my boyfriend does - but I think a really well done tattoo on anyone looks gorgeous!
Changing hair colour is a given, I am a lacto vegetarian (I eat all dairy but no eggs) and adore cooking, so look out for some yummy recipes ;)
I have a passion for travelling and going on adventures and really want to spread my wings farther in the coming years.
I have a very big and wonderful network of family and friends who I wouldn't change for the world - even if they aren't always around, they're all out there doing there thang.

I don't plan on upsetting or offending anyone - but if this blog can cheer someone up, inspire them or just give some entertainment in anyway then it will be deemed a success :)

So please bear with me while I get it all up and running (like anything in this world, it will have it's own teething problems) but I hope that the blog & myself can grow and develop into something great together..


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