Saturday, February 08, 2014

What Love?

We are being constantly fed the notion that love is only true love when it is shared with your partner. In kids films we learn that spells and curses are broken by true love, and that love is always administered with a kiss. That everything will be better as soon as we meet prince charming.. But why is love only true when it is from a partner? And a lot of the time we are shown it is a partner that the protagonist has only known for a few days.
I always found this bizarre, true love is the unconditional love I share with my family and friends, and if there were a spell to be broken by true love I believe mine would be broken by a hug from my mum.
We are taught that co-dependance is our natural state, that even though you have family and friends, your life is not complete until you have found your partner and then suddenly *ping* it all clicks and your once worthless life makes sense.

Of course the love of your partner is very important, and for many I am sure that it is unconditional love. However, it would be beneficial to see more family; brotherly, sisterly, motherly, daughterly, fatherly love. Not to mention grandmothers and grandfathers who sometimes are the ones raising the next few generations.

If we took more time to realise that we already have love, we were created in love and share in love everyday with family, friends and even pets, maybe we would feel happier and more content. If then you meet someone who can make your life fuller and share in your journeys, this is an amazing blessing. But don't for one-second think that your life was worthless before this moment and it has only become meaningful with the appearance of this person.

With this notion I would like to create a short piece documenting various people speaking about the people that mean the most to them; how do they show their love, why do you love them, what their love brings to our lives and how it enriches us, how we respond to this, and what person it has shaped us to become.

If you would like to get involved in this project and contribute in any way, please let me know and I would love to put together your thoughts and opinions. The piece will be displayed on my Vimeo account and if there are relevant film festivals, may be entered into some competitions.

You can e-mail me on: or in any other way that's easiest for you.


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  1. Good luck with the project, can't wait to see the finished cut! x