Thursday, July 10, 2014

Penny Dreadful...

I don't know how many of you have Sky Atlantic (I for one love the channel!) and have seen the new show Penny Dreadful?

First of all, wow! I really enjoyed the first season, the story telling is so poetic and the acting is nothing short of fearless and unashamed, especially from Eva Green! If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend  checking it out. It's set in old Victorian London and brings a compelling cast of characters together from the historic and supernatural to form a psychological thriller series.. it's creepy as hell!

Click here for further information: Sky Atlantic - Penny Dreadful

The dialogue being so poetic, rubbed off on me and spoke out to the deep, dark, doomed mortal within me, and so I wrote a little something of my own.
The love between the characters Brona Croft (Billie Piper) and Ethan Chandler (Josh Hartnett) which has a shadow over it because of Brona's illness, made me think about the love that may not last.
Is it easier to profess your love when you know you don't have a future and don't really need to invest in this path? Or does doomed love burn so strong because you have to share a lifetime within a few moments? It may be because of death, but it can also be a long distance love or just a relationship which had no possibility because life and circumstance got in the way.


 On this thought I wrote the following inspired by the series, but not actually about the characters or story (so there's no spoilers):

"A TERMINAL LOVE burns the brightest, we as humans are so used to being told that intensity is not proper, but at the same time we are constantly fed the fact that moments should be treasured and not taken for granted. A hard thing to juggle.
But when a love has an end date, a finish line in sight for both parties, then caution is swiftly thrown to the wind. The intensity we crave, we can be lost in. The love of years can be felt all at once, because a fleeting moment is all you have.
It's quite easy, it comes naturally, like breathing. The love that can usually be awkward and confusing, the love you keep bridling the reigns to, can then be set free.

Every touch and look, holds such designed purpose and weight. The words shared, everlasting. A lifetime shared in a kiss.

The problem with this perfect love is it's inevitable flaws and failure.

Do we love more because we know we do not need to be responsible, we don't really have to make big commitments and sacrifices... Can it then be called true love, if nothing is compromised and if ones self has not been affected and changed forever?

For those lovers with a terminal love,
I say let their fire burn bright and strong, let it engulf them and take them with the flames until there is nought but ash.

A caution to this venture; a tear shed and a sadness shared for the lover that does not get consumed by the flame, or is left behind, they will live on to know mundane normality again."

..Let me know if you watch the show ;)

Love xx


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